Kompaktiška duonos linija be atsistovėjimo 1800 vnt/val

Specially made for producing bread without need for an intermediate proving time. A very compact bread line with capacity of up to 1800 pcs/h. Labour saving thanks to the flexible and consistent production. Features & […]

Industrinė duonos linija iki 3000 vnt/val

Heavy-duty bread line. All machines are designed for continual bread processing and made of high quality materials that ensures excellent baking results. Flexible production, consistent production and labour saving! Features & benefits Capacity up to […]

Vidutinio galingumo duonos gamybos linija 750-1800 vnt/val

A user-friendly and flexible bread line with high capacity and efficiency. The line, with a capacity of up to 1800 pcs/hour, handles a variety of dough types and bread sizes. Features & benefits Capacity 750-1800 […]

Mini duonos linija be atsistovėjimo 500-1200 vnt/val.

The Instore Breadline 120 is a bread line that is easy to adapt to both the layout of the premises and to the bread that is to be baked. Specially made for producing bread without […]

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